Alta Audio proprietary technology is changing what speakers can do.

Imagine sound like you’ve never heard it before with a full range of clarity beyond any other speaker system. With every speaker Alta Audio takes advantage of its innovative new technology to accomplish what no one else can do.


Artesania Audio was founded over 20 years ago by José Luis Lafarga, Acoustic Engineer and Audiophile in Barbastro, Aragon (Spain). 

Our company´s main objective is to improve the perception of sound and listening thanks to the rack where the equipment is installed. Artesanía Audio, is devoted to the effective treatment of resonances of a vibrational origin using a technology called “Acoustic Anti-Resonant Treatment” taking care of every single detail to provide exceptional linearity and neutral sound reproduction. 


ASCENDO Immersive audio's background is ASCENDO which was founded in Stuttgart Germany 1999 by Jürgen Scheuring, Stefan Köpf and Norbert Heinz. We are a team of physicists, engineers and software specialists with a passion for the absolute listening pleasure. The business scope and purpose are to develop, manufacture and distribute technologies and equipment for the areas of pro audio, home theater, high-end audio and room-acoustics.



Bel Canto has created cutting edge audio products for over 20 years, designed specifically to convey the subtle details in the original recording. Our e.One products achieve this goal by developing efficient new technologies and superior designs.

All of our e.One products are designed and hand-built with pride in Minneapolis, MN USA.

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Our Goal is Faultless Transcription.
Records are cut from an original tape Master.
This is the absolute reference we defer to when evaluating.
No other manufacturer mentions this.


HANSS ACOUSTICS prides itself on designing and manufacturing high performance analog and digital components for the serious audiophile. 

Our goal is simple, portray music as accurate to the original production without interfering, degrading or modifying what the composer or artist intended.
This is accomplished through precision crafted components built to exacting standards, which are extensively tested mechanically as well as carefully evaluated by our knowledgeable and experienced staff of audiophiles and engineers.
Our components are a combination of innovative design, high performance and a true love and appreciation of music. Our product lineup is meticulously engineered and built to last while taking into consideration the serious Audiophile who demands performance above all.

UBIQ Audio


Rather than following the popular trends in speaker building we have chosen to follow nature — getting as close as possible to the tonality and dynamics of live music. Under the guidance of Igor Kante, a passionate, highly experienced audiophile and retailer, the main requirements for the speakers were set. Igor worked closely with the industrial designer Janez Mesaric and acoustic designer Miro Krajnc to form the basis for the speaker that will change the widespread notion of what is possible in this size and form.

Listening the transient speed, the immediacy, the clarity of music reproduced with the details of everything played and the full emotion of the musicans transferred to the instruments. Take away all microscopic background noise and the music stands out further. Call it a black background, call it low noise floor, every detail serves only to enhance the music further. Add immediacy to the music to take you to a live reproduction. Close your eyes to get to the live performance with fast transients. How do you tell if the music is live or not? It is by the fast transients and the immediacy of the music, the bite of the horn, the sharp strike of the piano key.

Audio Purity - That is the goal of every Merrill Audio component.

“To produce the best sounding products in the market while remaining affordable to a wide range of audiophiles.“


With over 25 years in High End audio industry, a group of engineers in China and Hong Kong find different ways of making and improving loudspeakers system which reproduce music with finest fidelity.

To design audio support system that is a total concept, encompassing aesthetics, flexibility and performance as well as high quality craftsmanship.
With fastidious attention to detail, performance and finish, create a system that has a minimum of compromises.
Utilize the best components and building techniques in order to fulfill our mission statement.

Clones Audio

Clones Audio

Clones audio, founded on 12/12/12, is a Hong Kong based workshop whose one goal is creating affordable components bringing you closer to the soul of music.

Mark Porzilli’s newest creative venture, The Memory Player, follows a distinguished 20 year long career in high-end audio.  He is the designer of the entire line of Melos Audio products, as well as the orignal Pipedreams and Scaena loudspeakers.